extra loud


india pale saison ale

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what to expect

tttrrrooopppiiicccaaalll fffrrruuuiiitttsss,,, wwwhhhiiittteee gggrrraaapppeee,,, ccciiitttrrruuusss &&& pppiiinnneee,,, sssiiilllkkkyyy mmmooouuuttthhhfffeeeeeelll

india pale saison ale

  • brewed with sake rice

  • conceived with dubfire

  • 440 ma

  • 7% alc. vol.

Extra Loud UK Barcode

floral frutiness with restrained bitterness


Buy Extra Loud Brewed in Leeds, England
Dubfire logo featured on the Extra Loud Can Label Design
about extra loud

A thoughtful yet amplified remix of our classic sake inspires saison, Extra Dry. Designed in collaboration with Grammy Award winning electronica superstar, Dubfire.

“During the past decade, there’s little doubt that the craft beer craze has been growing steadily right alongside the natural wine movement. And while sake remains my go to alcoholic beverage, I became quite intrigued when one day in December 2018, my engineer Matt Nordstrom gifted me a “Sake Style Saison Ale” from Stillwater. It was unique AND delicious, eventually linking me to owner / brewer Brian Strumke, who I was surprised to find out hails from the same area of Washington, DC and like me, was firmly in the clutches of the early electronic music scene there. Naturally, a friendship was born and a collaboration eventually forged over our shared passions: music, gastronomy, design and more.”

  • Brian Strumke, Stillwater
  • Ali Shirazinia, Dubfire
An image of Extra Loud in a stemmed beer glass with the can and dj equipment on a dark background
Brian Strumke and Ali Shirazinia (Dubfire) pose for a photo by a fire pit