crisp dry-hopped session ale

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what to expect

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crisp dry-hopped session ale

  • pilsner malt, flaked oats & rice, hopped with citrus and east kent goldings.


  • 440 ml

  • 3.8% alc. vol.

Sesh Barcode

bright tropical fruits with floral earthy undertones


Buy Sesh Brewed in Leeds, England
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about sesh

A crisp dry-hopped session ale comprised of pilsner malt, flaked oats & rice – pulled together by our signature American farmhouse yeast and abundantly hopped with a blend of Citra and East Kent Goldings providing notes of bright tropical fruits with floral earthy undertones.

a overhead view of sesh in a glass with a frothy foam atop golden liquid
A photo of 3 sesh cans and the light golden color of sesh in a stemmed beer glass