Founded in 2010, Stillwater® is an original nomadic beer project that utilizes the traditional brewery as if it were a studio - a place where beer becomes a canvas for creation, collaboration, and experimentation. For it’s founder Brian Strumke, nomadic brewing isn’t simply a job title. It’s a way to tell stories, engage with the world at large, and move through it on his terms.

In 2011, Strumke woke one morning to find himself anointed as one of the top new brewers in the world by - a proclamation that would change the trajectory of his life forever. Over the last 10 years, he built and scaled Stillwater® into an international business, capturing broad attention with it’s multidisciplinary approach and award-winning products crafted worldwide.

marfa on mushrooms

extra dry
cellar door
new sensation
new gold
rosé gold
time stretch
canned fruit 01
canned fruit 02
extra loud
smoking buddies
flat earth
bourgeois brunch
a sound saison
hot hot hot

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