sour ale

what to expect

rrriiipppeee,,, tttaaarrrttt fffrrruuuiiittt,,, ooovvveeerrrtttooonnneeesss ooofff mmmeeelllooonnn aaannnddd fffrrreeessshhh gggrrraaassssss

sour ale

  • malted barley, raw wheat, oats & Italian plums with a light dry-hopping of hallertau blanc, huell melon & pacific gem.

  • vegan

  • 12 fl. oz. (355ml)

  • 5% alc. vol.

Insetto Barcode

the original bug juice


Find Our Beer Brewed in Grand Mound, WA
about insetto

We never expected to have a dry-hopped sour ale with Italian plum become one of our core beers, but Insetto is our modern classic.

Refined rosé vibes, with a sour ale twist.

Insetto Can shot by Chandler Queen