bourgeois brunch


chardonnay sour ale

what to expect

ccchhhaaarrrdddooonnnnnnaaayyy,,, jjjuuuiiicccyyy,,, sssuuunnndddaaaeee bbbrrruuunnnccchhh

chardonnay sour ale

  • a sour saison base is co-fermented with chardonnay grapes then back sweetened with milk sugar, tangerine juice & vanilla for a proper sundae brunch. brewed in collaboration with omnipollo.

  • vegan

  • 1 pint (473ml)

  • 7% alc. vol.

Stillwater Bourgeois Brunch Barcode

The Ultimate Dessert Mimosa


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about bourgeois brunch

About 9 years ago I hosted Henok and Karl at my house in Baltimore while they brewed up their first Omnipollo beers stateside. Meeting them was such a comfort, finally some fellow aliens – radicals for change in a somewhat static environment – I wasn’t alone.

It was obvious they had the vision, and now it’s clear to all – true artists that i’m proud to consider brothers from another dimension. Henok is well known for his sweet tooth and Karl for his gold one… and this collaboration with Omnipollo carries the vibes of all three of us.

Bourgeois Brunch Can and Beer in a stemmed glass
Bourgeois Brunch graphic by Karl Grandin