spelt farmhouse


organic spelt farmhouse ale

what to expect

llluuussshhh,,, eeexxxppprrreeessssssiiivvveee,,, eeellleeegggaaannnttt

organic spelt farmhouse ale

  • spelt from meinklang farm combined with local barley & wheat, hopped with hallertau tradition and saphir and fermented with a rustic farmhouse ale yeast.


  • vegan

  • 1 pint (473ml)

  • 7% alc. vol.

Stillwater x Meinklang Farmhouse Ale Barcode

A Collaboration of Tradition & Innvation.


Find Our Beer Brewed in Grand Mound, WA
about meinklang spelt farmhouse

The project started with the idea, how can we combine the farmer and the brewer? We felt together a need to push for the necessary transparency in brewing and create a space where the brewer can connect with the farmer and the grains. Through that, we believe, we can brew a more holistic and complex beer. We also believe that a beer can communicate the information of a place. Deep rooting grains, biodynamically farmed in the lowlands of Austria at the @meinklang_farm 

Combined with locally sourced organic ingredients, we strive to bring a sense of place alive through our beers.


Organic spelt in a farmers hands
Spelt field