smoking buddies


double International pale ale

what to expect

bbbrrriiiggghhhttt ccciiitttrrraaa,,, tttrrrooopppiiiccc gggaaalllaaaxxxyyy,,, dddeeeeeeppp mmmooosssaaaiiiccc &&& dddaaannnkkk cccooollluuummmbbbuuusss

smoked double international pale ale

  • lightly smoked and aged on oak

  • vegan

  • 1 pint (473ml)

  • 8% alc. vol.

Stillwater Smoking Buddies Barcode

creating harmony through contrasting flavors.


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about smoking buddies

Enjoy notes of candied apricot, dank hops & spice – layered upon lush malts – forged with a rustic kveik yeast – finished with a wisp of smoke. Mysteriously delicious, layered and complex.

always, fresh, green.

Brian Stumke of Stillwater pouring from the tap.
Photo of the Smoking Buddies 16oz can art